Thermal imaging, is it important?

Thermal imaging is a fast, cost-effective, non-invasive way to ensure that your distribution boards and machinery operate within the suppliers’ parameters, improving safety and increasing the life of the equipment.

Using the FLIR E96 high resolution thermal imaging camera, Thermalistic can identify faulty electrical installations, equipment and wiring. These issues can often only be seen by the high-resolution Thermal imaging cameras we use here at Thermalistic.

Thermalistic staff are highly experienced, they are unique in that they are qualified in both thermal imaging (thermography) plus they are electrically certified through the New Zealand Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB).

At Thermalistic we understand that your Distribution Boards and critical machinery must be continuously operational for your business to prosper. Thermalistic are able to complete all the thermal investigations while your equipment is running, thereby eliminating any down-time.

Thermalistic investigation time ranges from around 30 minutes to one hour depending on the targets position, size and complexity of the Distribution board or equipment. Plus, this time may vary if we find faults of any sort that may need urgent repairs. If you know of any machinery that is faulty or suspect something is wrong, please let our staff at Thermalistic know immediately so we can tend to this one first.

Thermal imaging is an upcoming technology that is now being used in a variety of industries from detecting wear in machinery, overloaded or faulty circuits to detecting water ingress in buildings. With the investment in infrared equipment and training so high it is rare to find someone who is both electrically and thermally qualified allowing them the skillset to operate and thoroughly understand what the equipment is detecting.

Thermalistic offers affordable prices, flexibility in hours and a very low call out fee. We consider factories, production lines and warehouses high risk but after some of the faults we have found in office spaces we recommend if you haven’t had your distribution boards checked recently (or never) it’s worth giving us a bell.

Electrical equipment (Distribution Boards, Sub-boards, stationary machinery) with a high load, that are rarely shut down experience a high wear rate from constant stress. Using thermal vision, we can immediately see what and where the heat output is coming from and identify failing parts.

Like Humans, electrical appliances and distribution boards need some ongoing maintenance and therapy. With a good safety management system and highly skilled people, Thermalistic can offer you exactly that.

Thermalistic clients chose us because we are fully qualified, have a great track record, are affordable and most importantly, we keep you safe. Insurance companies are now following suit and recommend that your company should be checked at least every 1-2 years.

Thermalistic is a family run company that is based in the Auckland area. Arrangements may be discussed for sites from Hamilton to Whangarei.

For the best thermal results there should be as high a load on the equipment being imaged as possible. This allows us to identify the heat signature (and any faults) with the infrared cameras.

Our primary goal at Thermalistic is to keep you, your staff, buildings and equipment safe from any possible heat, mechanical or electrical damage.

Please call 021-2448188 for enquiries about the safety of your business.

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