Qualified thermographers and electrical technicians servicing the greater Auckland region.

About Thermalistic

We are professional thermal imaging investigators. Demand for our services is driven by insurance companies, new legislation and to avoid litigation and fines from safety breaches.

Companies are a lot more safety conscious these days, and insurance companies
are more risk averse than ever. That’s where we come in – revealing hidden
electrical hotspots so they can be fixed before the unthinkable happens.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging (aka infrared thermography) is an example of infrared imaging science. In thermal imaging, a specialised infrared camera uses the thermal energy (heat) given off by an object to produce an image of it. The image reveals dangerous hotspots that are invisible to the naked eye, thereby alerting you to the risk of fire, injury, electrical shock and downtime due to electrical failure.

Periodic Electrical Inspection & Verification

Now required by most insurance companies, we periodically check all aspects of a building’s electrical systems and installations are in a safe condition, including
distribution boards, switch boards, wiring and earth bonding.

EV Charging Stations for Domestic & Business Applications

We supply, install and test a range of EV chargers and EV charging stations, including all required electrical wiring between the switchboard and charger…


"Peter explained what needed to be done and carried out the testing with no issues and in a timely manner. The report was easy to read and understand. I will definitely be using your services again. "
Troy Gillespie - Elanco Animal Health


Electrical Workers Registration Board

Peter Ivin, certificate number: 2017NZ46N013

Electrical Workers Registration Board

Peter Ivin, practising licence number: EST 281331

Elvin Singh, practising licence number: I 27683

Denash Kumar, practising licence number: E 266110

Peter Ivin
Passport ID: 806904

NSN Number:

Peter Ivin
Certified First Aider

Peter Ivin, fully vaccinated (1st Shot 30/6/2021; 2nd Shot 22/7/2021.)
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