Thermal Imaging Services

Our qualified thermographic imaging technicians offer professional thermal imaging services in the greater Auckland region.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging (aka infrared thermography) is a non-invasive diagnostic tool used to identify faults and impending failures in the workplace.

Thermal imaging services use a specialised infrared camera to detect the heat given off by an object and produce an image of that thermal energy.

This image reveals dangerous hotspots that are invisible to the naked eye, thereby alerting you to the risk of downtime or injury due to electrical or mechanical failure.

When electrical components (e.g. distribution boards) begin to deteriorate, they generate excess heat.

Excessive heat creates faults in your electrical systems,
which can be the source of fire, system outages and electrocution.

When the bearings in mechanical equipment (including electric motors, conveyors, HVAC equipment, fans, compressors, etc) are worn and about to fail or seize – they begin generating an excessive amount of heat as they reach their failure point.

A proactive maintenance schedule using professional thermal imaging service providers is recommended by most insurance companies. This approach is significantly more cost effective than escalating energy bills and repairs (or worse) due to undiagnosed electrical faults and impending failures.

Service Areas

Currently based in Auckland, we offer our services from Orewa down to Hamilton.

Thermal Imaging Services

  • Highlight phase load imbalance.
  • Identify high resistance connections.
  • Overloaded cables, fuses or breakers.
  • Imminent motor or conveyor bearing failure.
  • Motor windings overheating.
  • Heat build-up in overcrowded trunking.
  • Thermal insulation breakdown (hot or cold).
  • Thermal loss (poor building insulation).
  • Water ingress (leaky buildings).
  • Identification of thermal irregularities invisible to the naked eye.
  • Create an in-depth report on our findings to enable you to take remedial action.
  • Create a baseline report to establish a snapshot of conditions at a point in time that can then be monitored for changes over time.

Example Report

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High-Tech Equipment

Our thermal imaging services use only the latest FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) High-Resolution Thermal Imaging Cameras with streamlined reporting features.

The thermal imaging camera takes both thermal and digital images for crisp detailed images that allow better diagnostics for user clarity and comprehension.

This camera is capable of capturing images across very wide temperature ranges from -20oC to 1500oC. It also has laser-assisted autofocus for precise identification of hot spots, even in cluttered scenes.

Our Expert Staff

All Thermalistic staff providing thermal imaging services are (a) certified with the Electrical Workers Registration Board, and (b) ITC certified Thermographers. All areĀ overseen by our electrical inspector.

They will ensure you receive your Electrical Periodic Verification Certificate together with your detailed Thermal Imaging Report.

Our in-house knowledgeable backup staff will project manage all aspects of your thermal imaging needs.

Thermalistic has full insurance cover for your peace of mind.

Can Thermal Imaging See Through Walls?

Yes and no. When pointed at a wall, a thermal imaging camera will detect heat from the wall, not objects that are behind or beyond the wall. In effect, it will record the
heat signature left on the wall by whatever is behind the wall.

If something inside the wall causes enough of a temperature difference, our thermal imaging camera will detect it on the surface of the wall.

Thermal imaging services are often used by building professionals to detect things like water leaks or missing insulation in a non-invasive manner. This is much more cost effective than ripping the wall apart to assess the problem.

It even works on concrete. For example, a thermal imaging camera can easily detect things encased in concrete, e.g. pipes and radiant underfloor heating, that cause a temperature difference in the concrete.


"Peter explained what needed to be done and carried out the testing with no issues and in a timely manner. The report was easy to read and understand. I will definitely be using your services again. "
Troy Gillespie - Elanco Animal Health

What Else Can Thermal Imaging Do?

One of the coolest things our thermal imaging services can do is identify hot spots in high-level lighting without the need for height-access equipment and all the associated health & safety precautions.

Instead, the high-level lighting (or any equipment mounted at height) is easily scanned from the floor.

In addition, thermal imaging services allow you to keep the systems running while testing, and can identify faults and hotspots quickly and efficiently before they cause damage, saving you both time and money.

As part of a planned maintenance programme, thermal imaging can save lives, reduce downtime and excessive power usage, and lower the cost of repairs.

It also helps lower insurance premiums through better risk management, and reduces the risk of litigation and fines from safety breaches.

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