Periodic Electrical Inspection & Verification

Periodic electrical inspection & verification is the “inspection, checking, non-destructive testing & certification of existing electricals” says Vero.

Periodic Electrical Inspection - Commercial Premises

Why it matters: Checks are carried out to confirm that electrical installations are neither damaged nor deteriorated and that there are no dangerous defects.

It also allows you to check that parts are safe for continued use to prevent fire and protect people from electric shock.

Vero Insurance says, “Faulty electrical installations result in a significant number of fires every year. Periodic verification of electrical systems and installations carried out in line with NZ Standard 3019 is a good way of ensuring an electrical system or installation is in a safe condition. This can help you stay on top of any issues before people get hurt or property is damaged.”

Periodic Electrical Inspection Service Areas

We service the greater Auckland region.

Frequency of Periodic Electrical Inspections in Commercial Premises

How frequently are periodic electrical inspections in commercial premises required? Rather than taking our word for it, here is the answer straight from insurance giant

“Regularity is key, both for verification and maintenance. The frequency boils down to a few factors, including the type of installation and equipment you have, what it’s used for, and the environmental conditions for example a corrosive atmosphere.”

Indicative timings Who or why
Every 4 years Office premises
Every year Manufacturing and industrial premises
More frequently
  • Evidence of degradation
  • Where both high and low voltage installations co-exist
  • You have safety installations like emergency lights


"Peter explained what needed to be done and carried out the testing with no issues and in a timely manner. The report was easy to read and understand. I will definitely be using your services again. "
Troy Gillespie - Elanco Animal Health

Periodic Electrical Inspection Services

  • Can be performed while equipment is operating.
  • Minor repairs are completed during the inspection.
  • A Certificate of Periodic Verification is provided along with a detailed report to meet New Zealand Standards.
  • The modest cost of a periodic electrical inspection may prevent injury, loss of life, fire or ‘large scale’ insurance losses through fire, which can amount to
    millions of dollars.
  • Verifying the earth bond connection can prevent injury by electrocution.
  • According to 2009/10 statistics from the New Zealand Fire Service, electrical faults accounted for 24% of fires in structures. Of those electrical fires, 40% originated in a switchboard or meter box. Many insurance companies now insist that electrical installations are periodically inspected as a means of lowering the insurance risk prior to formalising a policy.
  • Improves overall safety of operations.
  • Reduces exposure to litigation and fines from safety breaches.
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